Services for Producers

Let CHP help you distinguish yourself with your clients! Integrative healthcare (IH) is a very attractive and low-cost benefit for employers to offer. We work with you to design a program that will make your clients’ stand out from their competition at little to no additional cost. Our programs range from discount options to self-funded integrative healthcare benefits.

Administrative Services Only

CHP can design a IH benefit customized to fit your clients’ needs. We provide clients with a first-in-class network of high-quality integrative healthcare providers including chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists and licensed massage therapists. We offer consultation services to design benefit plans that meet the financial and benefit needs of your clients.

Our proprietary UM model will ensure that your clients receive the highest quality care. Our quality management and claims systems customized for integrative healthcare will detect fraudulent and/or abusive billing practices and inappropriate treatment patterns so that your clients only pay for therapeutically beneficial treatment.

Integrative Healthcare Wellness Programs

Integrative healthcare (IH) is an exceptional fit within the wellness framework. CHP has developed the following IH wellness programs, which can be implemented as stand-alone benefits or added as components to a larger IH solution:

  • The CHP CAMaffinity Program encourages employees to explore less invasive and less expensive treatment options by arranging discounts for CAM services through our network of elite providers. $25 PEPY
  • The CHP Active and Healthy Program provides access to thousands of discounted classes, events, activities and businesses designed to get employees moving! $25 PEPY
  • The CHP CAMplus Program combines the benefits of The CHP CAMaffinity Program and The CHP Active and Healthy Program. $35 PEPY