Prospective Providers FAQ

What are the benefits of joining the CHP Network?

How does CHP bring patients to my office?

Will The CHP Group have new business in my area?

What type of contracts does The CHP Group anticipate?

Will CHP be expanding into my area?

How does The CHP Group advocate for integrative healthcare?

Will The CHP Group limit the number of providers in my area?

How do I join The CHP Group network?

What does the credentialing process entail?

Are there any fees to join or any charged on an ongoing basis?

What is the fee schedule for my area?

How is care managed?

Does CHP require medical referrals?

Will I have to fill out more credentialing paperwork later or be recredentialed?

How do I nominate another provider to join CHP’s network?

Does CHP have specific trading partners for electronic claims submission?

Can I sign up to receive claims payments via direct deposit?