Resveratrol and quercetin as cancer therapies?

In a recent press release, the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy released results of new research that identify resveratrol and quercetin as possible components for new cancer treatments. In a laboratory setting researchers created a system that allowed for injections of these compounds directly into the bloodstream to create very high levels of concentration in the body – much more than through oral intake.

As the press release notes “The resveratrol and quercetin then appear to reduce the cardiac toxicity of a very widely used cancer drug, Adriamycin. Although highly effective in the treatment of lymphomas, breast, ovarian and other cancers, Adriamycin can only be used for a limited time in humans because of it’s cardiotoxicity.”

Full findings on this research where published in the Journal of Controlled Release. To read the press release, click here. To read the research finding in the Journal, click here. (Purchase and/or membership may be required to read full article.)