Why Join The CHP Group Provider Network?

The CHP Group is an industry leader with over 23 years of experience of providing CAM services to health plans and employers. And, as a provider-owned organization, we have excelled while maintaining our provider and patient-centered focus.

Relationships and Trust Matter to Us
We recognize the importance of our relationship with the providers on our network and constantly strive to improve communication and advocacy. CHP is flexible and transparent in all of our operations. Providers are kept up-to-date on our company’s expectations and are offered the opportunity to opt-in or out of specific contracts.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) providers have a strong presence in the CHP community. Over 40% of our Board of Directors is comprised of licensed providers and we have several hands-on provider committees with oversight of CHP’s policies and procedures. Our committees have also developed standards for records management and claims submission and payment. This high level of provider involvement ensures that, rather than creating barriers, we make it easier for you to provide top quality care to your patients – our members.

We advocate for you!
The CHP Group is a strong advocate for CAM as a whole in the health care industry. We support professional associations including the Washington and Oregon Naturopathic associations, the Idaho Acupuncture Association, the Alaska Chiropractic Association, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the Montana Chiropractic Association. We also support complementary and alternative colleges including the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, National College of Naturopathic Medicine and the University of Western States. We have published White Papers on issues important to CAM and health care providers and we have a strong lobbying presence in both the state and national capitals. In further support of the profession, CHP sponsors continuing education programs for providers on our networks, allowing opportunities for extended learning as well as networking.

We Recognize the True Value of Collaboration
CHP’s level of collaboration with our network is unprecedented:

  • We offer free workshops for providers and their office staff on topics such as billing as well as clinical records management
  • We provide best practice information on our website.
  • We have developed clinical pathways that educate and assist providers in their own disciplines and provide additional information about what other providers may do to help patients with specific conditions.

We Pride Ourselves On Our Service
CHP provides excellent customer service to members and providers alike. We trust our network provider’s expertise when it comes to treating patients, resulting in a 95% approval rate when medical necessity reviews are conducted. In fact, our Utilization Management programs require a minimum of paperwork, making it quick and easy to get on with what our providers do best – providing quality care to patients. We make claims submission and payment quick and easy, offering direct deposit for claims payment as well as secure and accurate EDI vendor connections.

We Want to be Your Partner of Choice
The CHP Group strives to be your partner of choice when it comes to connecting CAM providers to health plans, employers and patients throughout the northwestern United States.