Member FAQs

How do I get information about my plan or benefits?
How do I verify my eligibility?
How do I find out how much benefits I have used to date?

There are many ways to get information about your benefits:

  • Contact the CHP Claims and Customer Service Department at 503-203-8333 or 800-449-9479
  • Review your Summary Plan Description booklet provided by your employer or health plan
  • Contact your health plan’s Customer Service Department

I have found a CHP provider. How do I use my benefits?
Contact the provider and make an appointment. Let the provider know that you have a CHP complementary and alternative care medical benefit. The provider should call CHP’s Customer Service Department to verify your eligibility and benefits.

My provider is not listed as a part of the CHP network. Can I continue to see him or her?
You are welcome to continue seeing your current provider; however visits and treatment will not be covered as part of your complementary and alternative medicine benefit. Be sure to discuss your out-of-pocket costs with your provider.

How do I nominate a provider to be in your network?
Please contact our Provider Services Department:

  • By e-mail at
  • By phone at 503-203-8333 or 800-449-9479

Do I need a referral to see my CHP provider?
If you have self-referred benefits you do not need a referral to seek treatment from a CHP provider. If you do not have self-referred benefits or you are not sure what your benefit is, please contact CHP’s Customer Service Department or your health plan’s Customer Service Department regarding your benefit coverage.

What if I don’t want to continue seeing my current CHP provider?
You are under no obligation to continue seeing your current CHP provider. If you choose to see a new CHP provider you will need to confirm your remaining benefit amount with our Customer Service Department at 503-203-8333 or 800-449-9479.

How do I change my name and address?
Please contact your employer’s Human Resource representative. They will report the change to your health plan, who will then update CHP.

What are the business hours for CHP’s Customer Service Department?
Our Customer Service Department is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday, Pacific Time.

Can I or my dependents utilize CHP benefits out of the service area?
Not generally. For specific situations please contact your health plan’s Customer Service Department.