Services for Employers

As a result of our unique ability to design and manage complementary and alternative medicine benefits, employers who are facing year-over-year increases in medical claims cost can take a proactive approach to managing the health of their employee population. By employing strategies around encouraging the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as a direct path to health and wellness, employers will notice improved employee satisfaction with benefit offerings. Over time employers will likely see a mitigation of claims costs as compared to conventional medical claims. We offer our streamlined services to seamlessly administer CAM benefits at very competitive rates. Our proprietary utilization management model ensures employees enjoy care from highly qualified providers. We promote care that is evidenced-based, therapeutically-rational and cost-effective.

Employees appreciate the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine. The CHP Group offers affordable benefits to your employees. We partner with employer groups to provide employees access to attractive CAM benefits – either as a Complete CAM Solution or as a discount option through one of our CAM Wellness Programs.

Complete CAM Solution
CHP can provide comprehensive CAM services to you and to your employees on a self-funded basis – whether your health benefits are self-funded or not! We offer the following services that allow you to customize your CAM benefits around the needs of your business in a manner that is cost effective and flexible:

Consulting – Let CHP help you design your benefit plan and reimbursement strategy in a way that provides your employees access to high-quality, evidence-based CAM health care that is delivered in a therapeutically-rational and cost-conscious manner. When designed and implemented correctly, CAM benefits can be attractive to employees and add value to your benefit offering without adding cost.

Network Strategy – CHP has always been committed to partnering with only the highest caliber providers in each of the disciplines represented in our network (chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and massage therapy). You can be sure that your employees are in good hands.

Claims Administration – CHP provides sophisticated administrative services for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) claims in an accurate, prompt and cost-effective manner. Leveraging our expertise in this area, we have configured a claims system designed specifically for CAM claims to produce unmatched results that include:

  • Detecting combinations of therapeutic services that may compromise the quality and efficacy of care
  • Determining medical necessity and recognize plan benefit limitations
  • Identifying utilization trends and practice patterns that deviate from accepted norms
  • Identifying coding and claims submission errors
  • Detecting fraud and abuse

Medical Management – CHP is dedicated to continuous quality improvement in order to increase the value of the programs and services we offer our customers. We have built a multi-faceted Quality Management System designed to monitor our providers’ treatment and practice patterns, administrative capabilities, clinical documentation and patient safety. We make certain our requirements are clear, consistent and fair so that our providers know what we expect. Our structure is mutually beneficial as it offers our providers opportunities to improve their practices while increasing our administrative efficiency, the effectiveness of our policies and procedures and the consistency of our approach.

Customer Care – When chosen as a partner, we understand that your employees require exemplary service and you can be assured that we will treat them with care and professionalism. Our team of Customer Service Represetatives is expertly trained in CAM benefit plan design and claims payment administration. Because of their proficiency, our CSRs can usually resolve issues on the first call. In addition, we are appropriately staffed to ensure accessibility for your employees. Services you can count on include:

  • Eligibility verification
  • Benefit plan explanation
  • Provider information
  • Claims and EOB explanation
  • Complaint resolution
  • Account management
  • Reporting

CAM Wellness Programs – Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is an exceptional fit within the wellness framework. CHP has developed the following CAM wellness programs, which can be implemented as stand-alone benefits or added as components to a larger CAM solution:

  • The CHP CAMaffinity Program encourages employees to explore less invasive and less expensive treatment options by arranging discounts for CAM services through our network of high-quality providers.
  • The CHP Active and Healthy Program provides access to thousands of discounted activities, events, and businesses designed to get employees moving and having fun!
  • The CHP CAMplus Program combines the benefits of The CHP CAMaffinity Program and The CHP Active and Healthy Program